Cramp Busters - Oversized Wide

Cramp Busters - Oversized Wide
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Product Information

LET THE WEIGHT OF YOU HAND DO ALL THE WORK!! Slide it on...That's it (no tools).

The CRAMPBUSTER  will rotate forward with ease, yet when downward pressure is applied by your hand, the throttle is regulated effortlessly and accuratley - without squeezing.

The Standard crampbuster normally fits handgrips that are smaller in diameter about 32mm and the oversize fits a grip that is about 38mm..


Factory bikes usually take the smaller one unless they have been fitted with aftermarket grips..


The Over-sized Wide paddle is about 60mm


The Oversized paddle is about 30mm


The Wide paddles are about 40mm long and the narrow are about 60mm

Product CodeCB103